Statues and Figures

A very simple ceramic statuette of a bride and groom done is all white without details.
Bride and Groom Cake Topper.
Outdoor statues, indoor figurines, decor items and even graphics in the form of figures can be found in this section.

Some are garden decor, but some are probably advertising related, like the gigantic 9 foot tall figure of the stallion. I found that one outside of an Antiques Mall in Florida ... very unusual statue, and one that is very detailed and beautifully done. This isn't something you'd see every day.

Other figures are human (Mr. Peanut is just a guy in a cosume), and some are 3D renderings, others are things we might see every day in the homes of friends and family.

Colourful and highly detailed cast iron rooster used primarily as a doorstop.
Colourful Cast Iron Rooster.

A bobble-type statuette of a woman Hawaiian dancer wearing a grass skirt and yellow lei.
Hawaiian Bobble-style Dancer.

Well detailed and beautifully designed old man and old woman bisque pieces from Italy, with the man being a woodcutter, and the woman carrying a large bowl of vegetables.
Grandma and Grandpa Peasant Statues.

A very large statue of a rearing stallion in grey and black; beautifully detailed, it stands about 9 feet tall.
Rearing Stallion Statue

A back facing view of the Mr. Peanut man, with a large peanut-in-the-shell body, a black top hat and cane, black legs and shoe spats.
Peanut Man Figure

A series of human-like 3D rendered statues performing various motions and poses.
3D Rendered Statue Figure

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