Books, Paper, Money Page 2 - Money and Coins

Keep in mind, the paper money here is not suitable for printing, so ... no trying any funny stuff with it. It's meant for use within other imagery, like a collage, or to illustrate an article, or in a game as an object. Most are older forms of currency anyways, so other than image use, it would be pretty pointless to try anything else.

A five dollar bill from Canada, one of the older versions.
Older Canadian $5 Bill

A roll of Canadian currency in different denominations, held with an elastic band.
Roll of Canadian Currency

Quarter or 25-cent coins from Canada and the United States.
Canadian and American Quarter Coins

A splash of coins surrounding a timer to designate that time is money.
Time is money ... for some people anyways.

A baby bottle with filled with a variety of coins to be used for baby's educational future.
Baby Bottle full of Coins.

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