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Clocks and Timekeeping

I suppose everyone has heard the old saying "it's about time" ... usually it means you've been tired of waiting for something or someone to show up, and when they finally do, you might say "it's about time".
An old travel style alarm clock that also tells you the temperature.
A vintage "time'n temp" travel alarm by Westclox.
In my case, however, what it means is exactly what it says ... this page is really about time. Or at least, it's about the devices used to tell time - mostly clocks of various types. Clocks aren't just about the casings we see or their designs, the way the clock movements work can be quite different in clocks.

Movements run from wind-up, to motion, to electric, modern battery, solar and even water. Yeah, water!  A while ago while in Florida I needed an alarm clock for our guest room and didn't want to spent a lot of money buying a new one.

In a second hand shop I found this funky, modern-looking blue clock, but when I picked it up, the housing was full of water. Turning it over, I read the information on the bottom of the clock (the manufacturer's information). To power the clock and keep it running you simply filled it with water. I'd never seen one that ran on water, and it was only priced at $5 USD, so ... because I was so intrigued by it, I decided to take a chance and buy it.

True to it's word, the clock has been running along just fine with it's casing full of water. Since we only spend winter months in Florida, I fill it up to the top before we leave in April, and it's usually still running fine with plenty of water when we arrive back in Florida in late December.

Onto the images.

Clocks Page 2

More clocks for download. Please be sure to check the terms of service for use of these images.

Time is a wonderful thing ... when you have it, but it can be a bit of a nuisance when you're short of time, or rushed and in a hurry. It's also one of the things you can't really control - all those idioms usually end up being sort of true, don't they - sayings like "time waits for no man" (or woman), or "time marches forward" help establish the fact that time "doesn't stand still".

A large round wall clock made of cast iron with a lot of open space allowing the wall colour to show through. Modern.
A large modern black iron wall clock.

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