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Medical Stuff

A compact electric wheelchair with hand controls.
Electric wheelchair.
This is mostly stuff related to the world of medicine - items used by nurses, or people with mobility issues, or found in hospitals and on store shelves, including examples of herbal extracts and natural products.  Personally, I'm not a big fan of medicines and would much rather use a natural product wherever I can, but there are some things that no vegetable, herb, or minerals can fix on their own, so overall I'm grateful there are medicinal ways to help fix some things in our lives.

My husband is alive today because of medicine, and without it, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be here. He did end up spending a year in a wheelchair (why I have access to so many mobility accessories, so there will be more added later!), but with therapy, and a lot of hard work and sweat on his part (and a lot of angst on my part), he has been walking and driving again for a couple of years now ... in fact, he's progressed to the point where he has a gym membership and not only uses the bikes and stair climbers, but the treadmill.

We're pretty thankful for his recovery!

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