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Holiday Items - Christmas - Page 3

Some of things on this page are pretty old, although I guess it depends on what you call "old". The ceramic snowman was one of the items I made during the first year of my ceramics classes ... that would have been somewhere are 1979, but the Christmas Elves are from the 1950s, so no, they are NOT "Elf on the Shelf".

Something I haven't figured out about the current elf craze ... is why all the 'young-uns' seems to think this is a new thing. Those elf designs have been around since before I was born (in the '50s). The one difference I can see between them is that the current elf is somewhat uglier than the older elves on this page but they are essentially the same otherwise.

Something young people should learn ... "everything old is new again".  That's an old saying, but it still holds true.

A resin Christmas train with 4 parts, covered with glittery colour.
Glitter Christmas Train.

Holiday Items - Christmas - Page 2

A big ceramic cookie jar shaped like Santa Clause carrying a large Christmas gift in one hand, and a sack of toys in the other hand.
Santa Cookie Jar with gifts.
More Christmas stuff ... not much else to say is there (see, sometimes I do realize you only come here to grab some images, and I can be a little to wordy sometimes, right)?

And to update our Christmas holiday in Florida ... well, it wasn't something I'd want to repeat unless we have our family with us.

It was a little lonely having Christmas with just the two of us. We weren't really sure what to do that day. We didn't plan a big dinner since we had ours before we left home for Florida. What we did discover, though, was that some of the stores were open, even on Christmas Day (that was something of a surprise!).

Maybe it changes from year-to-year, I don't know since we've only done it once. That year, Family Dollar was open; so was Walgreen's and a CVS and a few others. We spent part of our day shopping at Walgreen's for a few gifts to take home. The store was a lot busier than we thought it would be.

Holiday Items - Christmas

It's that time of the year again! Well ... I guess depending on when you happen to be looking at this page it's that time of the year ... yep, Christmas. There are some folks who prepare for Christmas all year long, and there are others who hurriedly put up their decorations the week before December 25th.  Which are you?

A traditional green Christmas wreath with red bows, berries and fruit.
A traditional style Christmas wreath.
Me, I'm up and down. Some year's I have my stuff up in early November, and others, not until the beginning of December, but I almost never wait for the week before Christmas ... I have a nice Christmas village with about 40 buildings in it, and it takes time to haul all the stuff up from the basement and then decide how to arrange it. Then I have to start taking them out of the boxes and putting the lighting in it and it can take 3 or 4 days just to get the village set up to my liking. Yeah, I guess I'm a little fussy about it.

On the other hand, the Christmas tree takes about 3-5 minutes. I've got one of those pencil-type trees - about 6' tall, but super skinny, and fits in a small flat box -  a little bit like this one but mine has decorations instead of poinsettias. Up and down in under 5 minutes.

When we're home during the holidays, the main floor of our home is done up as much as it can be, removing dishes and replacing them with holiday dishes, and open shelves contain decorative items like Hallmark's singing snowmen (I have about 5 of these so far), or figures like the Christmas penguins.

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