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Some of things on this page are pretty old, although I guess it depends on what you call "old". The ceramic snowman was one of the items I made during the first year of my ceramics classes ... that would have been somewhere are 1979, but the Christmas Elves are from the 1950s, so no, they are NOT "Elf on the Shelf".

Something I haven't figured out about the current elf craze ... is why all the 'young-uns' seems to think this is a new thing. Those elf designs have been around since before I was born (in the '50s). The one difference I can see between them is that the current elf is somewhat uglier than the older elves on this page but they are essentially the same otherwise.

Something young people should learn ... "everything old is new again".  That's an old saying, but it still holds true.

A resin Christmas train with 4 parts, covered with glittery colour.
Glitter Christmas Train.

A hand-painted ceramic snowman with black tophat and red scarf, showing the front and back views. His green gloves are holding a candy cane behind him.
Ceramic Snowman

A resin village/town with tiny houses that light up when turned on. Hovering over top is Santa and his reindeer with a sleight full of toys.
Santa Town

A set of 4 vintage Christmas elves; typically, today these are known as "elf on the shelf", but these ones existed long before elf-on-the-shelf came along. Circa 1950s.
Christmas Elves - c. 1950s, these are not "Elf on the shelf".

A resin candleholder with sparkly trees and a snowperson family - mom, dad, and child.
Christmas Candleholder

A china music box that plays "Here Comes Santa Clause" when the key underneath is wound.
Santa Music Box

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