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A modern wingback chair with contemporary design, a funky patterned upholstery, and curved wood legs.
Contemporary Wing-back Chair
A selection of furniture ... everyone has different tastes in furnishings, and over the years even as we, ourselves age and change our own tastes in furniture will change. Some of us like change, while some of us don't ... I like changing styles and furniture design/shape but ... well, the hubby, he is not one who likes big changes like that. In fact, he complains if I change the layout of the furniture in a room.  Still ... a little change can be good for the soul, right?

Three of the chairs here were found in hotels - either the lobby, or a public area, or in a room, while the others are (or were) chairs in my own home. I'm pretty sure you can tell which ones are from the hotels. Most of the time the hotel furnishings are of simple, but sturdy design and materials, meant to weather the onslaught of use. The upholstery types often are of industrial quality and and easy-clean surfaces.

A simple arm chair with checked upholstery and a straight back. This one has wooden legs, and a few usage nicks.
Straight-backed Armchair

A low-backed modern chair with a large footstool, covered in purple fabric.
Purple chair and footstool.

A much loved, well-used man's recliner with beige fabric and a broken wooden handle.
Well-loved Recliner in beige upholstery.

An office or lobby type armchair with orange and brown striped material with a wood frame in darker brown.
Wood-trimmed Armchair with Striped Upholstery

A medium toned leather man's style rocking recliner in brown.
Traditional style leather recliner in medium brown.

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