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Personal Items - Page 3

More time-keeping goodies, but this time it's watches. Most are worn on the wrist, but for years and years women have worn watches on neck-chains, or even on pins (older nurses watches were pinned to their bodices), and men have (and still do carry) pocket watches. Some watches look like bracelets, and some very tiny ones are even built into rings.

I can barely see an ordinary watch, let alone one with a small enough face to fit on a ring. I'm afraid a ring-watch would need to come with a magnifying glass for me.

Today, not only are many of the watches faces much more decorative, some are very large, and most smart-watches have very large faces. I have one (a Moto360), but because of it's size I find it awkward to wear on a daily basis. It's okay for when I need to track my exercise but it usually ends up getting in my way and the strap is so large (because they are made to fit men or women) that even doing it up on the last slot it slides around my wrist.

A sterling silver watch with fancy bracelet, studded with marcasite, and a face-covering over the watch face.
Silver Bracelet Watch with cover that opens over watch face.

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