Holiday Items - Christmas - Page 2

More Christmas stuff ... not much else to say is there (see, sometimes I do realize you only come here to grab some images, and I can be a little to wordy sometimes, right)?

And to update our Christmas holiday in Florida ... well, it wasn't something I'd want to repeat unless we have our family with us.

A big ceramic cookie jar shaped like Santa Clause carrying a large Christmas gift in one hand, and a sack of toys in the other hand.
Santa Cookie Jar with gifts.

This is the back of the Santa cookie jar, clearly showing the sack of toys and the Christmas gift.
The back view of the above Santa Cookie Jar.

A hand-made ceramic music box showing the living room of Santa, with him asleep in a rocking chair, and elves decorating the tree.
Santa at Home - handmade music box.

Christmas wall decor with a snowman face and mittened hand, and a santa face and hand holding a heart between them that says Merry Christmas.
Snowman and Santa Christmas Wall Decor.

A round Christmas gift box that stacks up in tiers with snowmen decorating each tier of the box.
A round Christmas Snowman gift box.

Two vintage papier mache carolers dressed in velvet, he's wearing a tophat and plat scarf, she's wearing a red-velvet dress, green cape and red bonnet.
Vintage Papier Mache Christmas Carolers.