Books, Paper, Money Page 4 - Books and Papers

Papers and Cards

Here is mostly just newspapers, but a few sets of playing cards, and some notepads to download.

A stacked pile of newspapers from the folded end.
A stacked pile of printed newspapers.

Headlines from a newspaper about labour reforms.
National News Headlines

A partial set of playing cards showing the "face" cards, like King, Queen, Jack, Ace, and the Jokers.
Face Playing cards

A deck of playing cards with dutch scenes.
Dutch historical scenes grace these playing cards.

A variety of newspaper vending boxes, of the type usually found outside public places, and on streetcorners.

A yellow lined notepad, with black binding at the top and several sheets torn off, leaving a ragged edge.
Small yellow, lined notepad.

A lined notebook bound by a spiral ring, with lines on facing pages, and a large blank box at the bottom of the page for special notations.
Lined Notebook

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