Statues and Figures - Page 3

A large concrete statue of a white swan.
White Swan Statue
Have you ever seen a 6' tall concrete swan? No ... well, me neither until I ran across the on this page in Florida.

The city where this is located is noted for the number of and varieties of swans (real ones) in and around it's city. Many swan statues can be found there, most of them quite large.

That's another thing about "statues" ... a statue is usually supposed to be life-sized, or close to it ... or, a very large representation of a smaller thing (like a person, or in this case a swan), but smaller sculptures are usually referred to as statuettes.

Yeah, maybe you didn't exactly need to know that, but I thought it worth sharing :)

A statue of concrete and iron showing an early cannon.
Cannon Statue
A concrete base holding a black iron cannon, mid 1800s.
Old Cannon

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