Statues and Figures - Page 2

A large concrete angel statue with spread wings, holding a book as he/she looks up towards heaven.

A concrete angel statue with open wings, holding a book.
It's probably pretty obvious that the angel statuary came from a grave yard ... while the place isn't somewhere we like to visit very often, I do tend to frequent them a little more than other people.

The statues are often very detailed and beautifully done, and even some of the carved marble or granite  monuments can be beautiful when the sun hits them.

The other statues aren't really "statues" in technical terms. Smaller pieces like those are referred to as figurines, or statuettes, while the bigger-than-life-sized angels are true statues.

The reverse side of the earlier angel statue, though this side is marked by brown weathering and small chipped areas.

The opposite side of the first angel statue.

A front view of the angel statue showing more detail than either of the side views.
Angel Statue Front

One of the Royal Doulton white series, this a young woman with sandy brown hair wearing a white dress.
Royal Doulton Figurine titled "Thank You".

A Royal Doulton china figurine in a white flowing dress on a wooden stand.
Royal Doulton figure.

An old tramp figurine from Britain with the old man on a bench sharing his dinner with a hound.
The old Tramp - 2 side views.

Two back views of the old tramp figurine on his bench.
Two back views of the Tramp and Hound figurine.

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