In the Kitchen

A vintage ceramic jam jar and spoon.
Vintage jam and jelly jar with spoon.
Most kitchens are places where there are a plethora of gadgets - some useful, some useless, and some that only get used at specific times of year. I don't think I've been in a kitchen that doesn't have the proverbial "junk drawer".  In the house where we used to live, I had more than one junk drawer ... that's the drawer all the stuff you don't know what to do with gets tossed.

Eventually, you might start to clean that out, maybe once every few years when you can't get anything else in it, but it always exists.

Ours has held elastic bands, batteries, twist-ties, bits of paper with numbers on them (often no name to go with that number), old padlocks (sans keys), old keys that didn't fit anything in your home or shed or garage, but that you didn't want to throw away "just-in-case", drill bits, the odd screwdriver, film tubes, christmas light bulb replacements, old lids, a bandaid or two, broken keychains ... if it fit in the drawer and I didn't know where to put, that was the place.

A miniature white tea set and a set of milk glass jars.
Miniature Ceramic Tea Set, and White Milk Glass Jars with tin lids.

Oh ... don't get excited, the kitchen section of this site isn't going to have all of that stuff on it. It's mostly items used in the kitchen - some gadgets, dishes, silverware, stuff that actually belongs in the kitchen.

So, on with the images.

A variety of milk glass jars with tin lids, some small, some large, and one open.
Vintage jars made of milk glass.

A 1970s creamer with sugar bowl, in a variation of the blue onion pattern.
Ceramic blue and white sugar bowl and creamer.
An open sugar bowl on it's side, with the lid below it.
Open sugar bowl.

A large black plastic bin for recycling.
Black Recycle Bin with a face on the side.

A green compost bin, decorated for Christmas.
Compost bin showing compostable items on the side.
A medium sized clay jug with handle, circa late 1800s.
An antique clay jug used to hold a variety of liquids.

A small one-cup ceramic tea pot with blue flowers.
Blue and white teapot holds one cup of tea.

A small ceramic teapot with the lid off.
The same little teapot shown above, minus the lid. 
Small teapot viewed from the front showing a blue flower on the spout.
Front view of the same teapot.
Silver plated dinnerware in a wooden box.
Silver dinnerware in wooden storage box, a "must have" in the 1930s-1950s.

A small round cream jug, typical of the 1930s.
Small round creamer, a style seen in the 1930s and 1940s.

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