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More stuff from my kitchen ... and yeah, pretty much all of these things were in
my kitchen at some point in my married life. When I look back at all of these, I wonder where I kept them all. A lot of the stuff on the first page of kitchen stuff is from the time I was "into" antiques and collectibles, and the kitchen I had then was pretty big (about 20' X 14') with a lot of space on top of the cupboards to display that sort of thing. I also had several vintage kitchen cupboards that displayed a lot of these items as well.
A brushed stainless steel and black oval crock pot.
Oval crock pot.

Now, in my retirement years I'm trying to keep things to a minimum, but I'm realizing that even a minimum of stuff is a lot. At least, it's a lot if you still want to cook without buying a pile of prepared meals. The older we get (my husband and I) the more I seem to have to think about the type of foods we eat - he has diabetes, so low-carb for him. I have thyroid issues, so gluten free for me. You'd think life would be easier after you retire, but sometimes, it just isn't. It can become more complicated than you ever thought it would be.

The things I use often, I keep handy, like the crock pots. I have a lot. They're a great way to keep food warm when you entertain.

A multi-purpose vintage slow-cooker.
Multi-purpose slow cooker - cooks inside, steams in the lid, and the warming plate can be used to cook eggs and bacon. circa 1970s.

A Philips crock-pot from 1974.
Simmer-On Crock Pot, circa 1974. The one I use the most.

A modern kitchen gadget that cooks eggs at the same time it makes toast.
A new gadget that cooks eggs, warms pre-cooked meat, and makes toast all at once.
A large purple plastic container for kitchen storage.
Plastic sealed storage container, in use here to hold homemade cookies.
A selection of cleaning products often found in the kitchen.
I don't know about anyone else, but these are cleaners found under my kitchen sink!
A large china jug with a Japanese scene on the front.
Large water jug with Japanese designs.

A pale yellow china teapot with floral design and gold trim.
Pretty china teapot with floral pattern.
China teapot in light yellow, minus it's lid.
Same teapot as above, with the lid off.

A floral teapot seen from the back.
Third view of the yellow teapot showing it from the back.

Just in case anyone is wondering why there are different views of the same object ... I've seen some of my images in "hidden object games" (which I think is rather cool), and sometimes just one view of the object isn't enough. So, to help the developers I'll sometimes provide different views of one object.

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