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A small square footstool with curved metal legs and beige faux-suede fabric.
Modern Simple Footstool
More furniture ... sure why not? There are bits and pieces we add to our rooms that are considered furniture, though many serve other purposes than seating ... like the footstool (or ottoman, or hassock). They could be pushed into duty as "seating" if need be, but they are designed for comfort really ... put those feet up, lean back in your chair or sofa and relax.

Of course, with recliners being prevalent in the home today, footstools or ottoman's may not get as much use, and in tight spaces, the footstool can be "an accident waiting to happen".

And then, well we do live in more than the living room, there are bedrooms, family rooms, dining rooms ... other spaces we (if we so desire) fill with a variety of decorative furnishings ... even the entry hall of a home, if it's large enough, can hold some type of furniture.

A vintage easel from cane or bamboo wood; this designed to simply display a painting in a drawing room rather than for the use of an artist.
Bamboo Display Easel

A modern style bookshelf in cherry toned wood. This one is a folding shelf, making storage easy when not in use or moving.
Modern Folding Book Case

A hand made pine corner cupboard with traditional colonial style.
Colonial pine corner cupboard filled with Blue Delft and Mikado Dinnerware

A heavy hall table with shelves and drawers and small decorative front half-columns.
Heavy console table designed for a large entrance hallway.

A heavy glass-topped dining table with bamboo legs, and chairs. A very "Floridian" type of furniture.
Custom designed (& signed) bamboo and glass dining table and chairs.

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