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Other stuff you might find in the home furnishing category ... no, not might find, but most likely will find in the average home. Most bedrooms will incorporate things like dressers, storage cabinets, armoires, and night tables ... and of course a bed, but larger rooms often have a small desk, chaise lounge and side table, and sometimes even a fireplace.

A side view of a solid maple dresser; factory-made in the early 1950s, it was a popular style.
Colonial Dresser - maple, circa late 1940s, early 1950s
This page is another with furniture that came mostly from my own home with the exception of the small drop-front desk, which was my aunt's.

I imagine someone looking at the site and seeing all this furniture "I" owned would think I lived in a monstrously large house, but I don't. Not all of this furniture is still in my home. Earlier I said change is a good thing right?  Over the years I've gone from the rather tacky 1970s furniture (new when we married) to vintage farmhouse/country type furntiure, to more traditional stylings of the 1910 to the 1930s ... my husband being a huge fan of Stickly style furntiure and then onto modern and contemporary designs.

Then of course, we've lived in a variety of homes too, with a vast difference in the number of rooms and room sizes so ... yeah, stuff happens and things change. It's a good thing to get yourself out of a rut sometimes.

Front view of a colonial style maple dresser from the 1950s with two small doors and eight visible drawers.
Colonial Maple Dress with 8 doors and two small cupboards.

A hand-made custom designed larger corner armoire in dark-stained pine. This one was made to hold a large TV unit.
Handcrafted Pine Corner Hutch

A modern electric fireplace with a detailed wood mantle and surrounding support. This one was designed to fit in a corner.
Modern Electric Corner Fireplace

A reproduction Chippendale-style drop-front desk, with highly detailed carving and wooden ball-feet. Made in cherry wood.
Chippendale style Cherry Drop-Front Desk

A round side table with  Duncan Phyfe legs, a small door and a pretty leather top.
Round Duncan Phyfe Side Table

This large, rectangular oak and ash table was common to libraries in the early years. Today they use carrels in many libraries.
Oak and Ash Library Table

A white console half-table with drawer and bottom shelf.
Console table with drawer and shelf.

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