Personal Items

A long triple-strand necklace with faux pearls and a large enamel buckle.
Enamel and Faux Pearl Necklace
Personal items sounds so personal, doesn't it? I guess for some of us things like jewellery, belts, shoes and other similar things are considered accessories, but personal items can also include things like a shaving brush, hair combs, and even a cane.

All of these items are things that can be individual to each person; everyone has their own taste in shoes and jewellery, and in items used for personal care. Some like electric toothbrushes, while others prefer a normal everyday toothbrush. One person might like bar soap, while another will only use bodywash. Even the choices we make for shampoo or conditioner are personal - these our chosen based on our own personal tastes, or some might be chosen over others because of the need for specialty items or allergies.

So ... you'll find lots of different items here, and while they're all personal items, I'll try to keep them grouped in "like" items (for example jewellery on pages with other jewellery, shoes with shoes, etc.)

A vintage man's tie clip in gold, with small gold stars on the face.
Vintage Gold Tie Clip, c. 1940s
A vintage man's sapphire ring with gold band.
Vintage man's ring of sapphire and gold.
Two costume jewellery necklaces of gold-dipped chain, pearl and green rhinestones.
Vintage costume jewellery with green rhinestones and faux pearls.
An older cameo pin with a finely detailed head, faux pearls and 10-karat gold plating.
A cameo pin, circa 1950s.
A modern necklace of white and gold beads, with long turquoise beads and gold chains. Includes a pair of matching earings.
Modern costume jewellery with beads and chains.
An engagement ring and wedding band in black velvet box.
Wedding ring set.
A clean looking brooch from the 1960s with orange details, rhinestones, and white enamel.
An enamel and rhinestone brooch, c. 1960s.
A modern brooch with gold plating and a lot of rhinestones in the shape of a mother elephant and her baby.
Rhinestone "mom and baby" Elephant PIN

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