Miscellaneous Items - Page 1

And older pair of binoculars with black leather covering, lens caps, and a neck strap.
Vintage Binoculars
These miscellaneous items aren't in any particular order, nor added in any special groupings.

Although they include some things we use in everyday life (like the binoculars, or the shoehorn) there are also some odd items, and some vintage items we no longer see used everyday, like the gramophone music box.

I do try to keep most of the .png pages categorized so that similar items are grouped on a page, but with the miscellaneous pages, the items are somewhat scattered, so you may have to look through all the miscellaneous pages, or use the site's search option to locate a particular item.

A plastic bullet holder with brass shells.
A bullet cartridge holder and shells.

Vintage leather boxing gloves with white laces.
Old burgundy leather boxing gloves, circa 1940s

A wooden music box shaped like a gramophone that winds up with a brass handle.
Old music box with a music-playing gramophone.

Wind up wooden music box with gramophone horn.
Wind-up wooden music box.

A small, short shoe horn in black plastic.
A black plastic shoe horn from the mid 1970s.

A large shower head with fittings and water handle in brass, tarnished with age.
Vintage Brass Shower Fittings

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