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A vintage song magazine for country music featuring Gene Autry.
Country and Western Music Magazine
Books, magazines and newspapers have always been something that grabs my interest. I suppose that's because I love to read - I've been a voracious reader since I was first able to read, and that desire has only gotten stronger as I've aged. I still love to read. There is nothing quite like immersing yourself in a good book; when the story takes over and you forget that you aren't actually living through it, then you know you've found a great author.

Although magazines grab my interest a lot less than they used, sometimes you can still find good information and knowledge in some magazines. Oh, not those frilly foofoo types about celebrities or hairstyles or even fashion ... I'm talking about real knowledge ... National Geographic comes to mind, or even subject focused magazines like Photography Today, or Popular Mechanics.

I suppose for some people those celeb magazines pique their interest, but really ... it's a bunch of drama that most people don't really need. Magazines that provide useful stuff (like how to fix or build something, how to cook or bake something, how unique cultures live, etc.) actually have real, written articles you can read.

And of course, newspapers provide news - some are local, some are national or international; some provide financial news, others general news ... and yeah, although a lot of the world might not realize it, all of these things (books, magazines, newspapers) are still produced in real paper, not just digitally.

I don't want to read a 500 page book on some digital screen thanks. I'll buy a printed book any time over some digital format, though digital works in a pinch if the book is out of print and only available in digital archives.

Books, Papers, Magazines

A modern bible version open to the Sermon on the Mount, with hand-written annotations.
A bible open to the Sermon on the Mount

A burgundy leather bible with gold text.
Burgundy Leather Bible

A large set of leather bound vintage hard-backs in matching bindings.
A matched set of old novels.

A series of hard cover art and photography books stacked.
Hard cover photography and illustration books.

Three different dictionaries; a Chambers, a Webster's and a Spelling dictionary.
Three versions of dictionary books.

A boxed set of illustrated fairy and folk tales for children.
Illustrated boxed set of children's books.

A pictorial histry book from the Grand Ole Opry.
History in Pictures, the "Grand Ole Opry"

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